Dothan's City Center

Dothan’s city-center is ready for re-birth! It’s taken years of hard work and planning, but the time has finally arrived!! The core of the downtown area will witness a revitalization effort, the likes of which Dothan residents have never seen.

 City leaders have engaged with the design group RDG ( ), a national leader in re-imagining cities’ core spaces, to conceptualize what Dothan’s city-center could become. After hosting civic charettes and blending together thoughts and opinions from across the community, we are finally at a place where we can unveil the beginnings of Dothan’s core transformation. Daniel Burnham, America’s most famous urban planner and renowned architect once stated, “Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.” With this guiding principle in mind, Dothan has arrived at a place where it is time to transform and grow to meet the needs and desires of its citizens.

 The lifecycle of cities begin, end, and begin again at their cores. Dothan’s revitalization process should begin at its center. The impending ripple effect will radiate throughout the city and change will take shape in all areas of Dothan.

 It’s time for Dothan to take a step towards becoming a “next-level” city. The time and conditions are right for Dothan to undergo this change. We hope that you will find the information contained on this page to be both exciting and inspiring. What you will see in the images that follow are concepts. These images will not necessarily become what will eventually be. The conceptualization merely allows us to see how certain structures fit within the downtown city-center footprint. The base elements will exist, but forms may change depending on several factors. Rest assured; this will be a generational shift in re-imagining Dothan’s downtown. There is a well-used management concept that states, “Right People, Right Place, Right Time”. The City and its partners, including The Wiregrass Foundation, truly believe that we are at that point where all three points have converged. Now…it’s time to make this dream a reality!

Demolition has started for Phase I of the City Center Project

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Dothan City Center