Youth City League Football

Youth Football2010 Peanut Bowl

City League Football is a rewarding experience for participants but it takes discipline, physical strength, a commitment to improving, and plenty of hard work. Players will take away from the season not only great memories but an improved work ethic, a sense of teamwork, the ability to overcome adversity, and a knowledge of the game as well.

Important Dates

    • 2022 Registration: 
      • Online Registration Begins July 11 at 9am until July 16 at 12pm
      • In-person Registration
        • July 16 Saturday from 9am until 12pm
  • Tryouts begin: 
  • The season begins:

Playing Weight & Age Regulation for Football

MiteUnder 130 pounds9 and 10
Mite (Restricted to the interior line position tackle to tackle)130 pounds and up9 and 10
MidgetUnder 150 pounds11 and 12
Midget (Restricted to the interior line position tackle to tackle)150 pounds and up11 and 12

Additional Information

For more information, call Tony Thorne (334) 615-4740.