Long-Range Planning

About Long-Range Planning in Dothan

Long-Range Planning directly involves the community in identifying goals with regard to the quality of life for the foreseeable future. It examines existing quantitative and qualitative aspects of the community such as housing, demographics, education, transportation infrastructure, public utility infrastructure, land use patterns, regulations governing land development, parks, and open spaces, sense of community, and sense of place.

Long Range Development Plan

Recently (March 2011) the city commission adopted Dothan-2030 "A Sense of New Beginnings" as our long-range development plan. As a continuation of the long-range planning effort, the staff is now involved in neighborhood planning.

Highway 84 East Master Plan

The U.S. Highway 84 East Master Plan establishes a framework for accommodating high-quality growth and development along the Highway 84 East Corridor and surrounding areas. The project consultants, Design Workshop, Inc., conducted three public work sessions providing citizens of Dothan with the opportunity to help shape the plan and reflect the desires of this community. The plan focused on three areas within the corridor; downtown, the environs around the Southeast Health Medical Center and the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM). A unique set of guiding principles and strategies are recommended for each area that implement the community vision expressed at the public work sessions.

Project partners include: The City of Dothan, Wiregrass Museum of Art, and Smart Growth America. Citizen participants, key landowners, city leaders, project partners, and project consultants collectively agree that efforts to strengthen organized development among and between Historic Downtown Dothan to the west, Southeast Health (Formerly SAMC) in the center and ACOM to the east, can provide Dothan with the opportunity to create a new economic engine to benefit the entire community.

From the beginning, “connectivity and mobility” emerged as key citizen desires. As such, the plan incorporates concepts for implementing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as designated travel space, safe at grade crosswalks on Hwy 84 East and Ross Clark Circle, and other amenities such as consistent lighting and landscaping schemes. A more desirable and livable Dothan will assist efforts to attract and retain business and residential populations, providing greater sustainability for Dothan’s future success. To view or download a copy of the plan, please click here (PDF).

Long Range Planning Information