Speed Humps Petitioning Process

The Process for Petitioning for Speed Humps

Citizens can call the city at (334) 615-3810 to find out if traffic calming is allowed on their street. If it is, the city will conduct an engineering study to measure daily vehicles speeds. These studies are typically performed on weekdays during the school year.

The following requirements must be met before a traffic calming petition will be provided to the person initiating the request:

  • Daily vehicle volume at least 200, but no higher than 1,500
  • The 85% speed (the speed at which 85% of vehicles travel at or below) of 8 miles per hour or greater than the existing posted speed limit
  • The person requesting the petition must own or rent property adjacent to the studied street
  • The speed limit on request street is posted no higher than 30 miles per hour

Neighborhood Approval

Once a citizen receives their petition, they must circulate it within the petition area getting 75% of the other residents to agree traffic calming is supported by the neighborhood (including corner lots). Only one adult signature per property and all signatures are final. Ninety days is provided for this step to be completed.

Once completed, please make a copy before you send it to the address on the petition form. Staff will then review and verify the petition. If approved, the City will conduct an engineering analysis to decide the most effective locations for the speed humps.