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Westgate Tennis Center


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Westgate Tennis CenterAbout the Center
Westgate Tennis Center is one of the finest modern facilities in the Southern United States. The facility addresses the highest standards of play and the greatest comfort for spectators. Several national, sectional, state, local, adult, and junior tournaments are hosted here throughout the year.  The Center features 20 Har-Tru courts.

All courts lighted to 70-foot candles sustained and championship court lighted to television standards of 125-foot candles sustained. All courts full size with 24 feet between courts in batteries of two with low fencing between adjacent courts.

Championship court is built to professional standards (130 feet by 70 feet). Sunken 6 feet below grade with Sky Box seating, championship court utilizes low retaining walls forming a natural amphitheater. The facility affords seating capacity of 2,000 for tournament matches.

All courts have a 6-foot by 12-foot shade shelter for change-overs. A 5-foot viewing berm is situated between other courts to provide elevated viewing under umbrella tables and tents.

The 3,500-square-foot control building provides beautiful facilities sized for large tournaments and leagues. A large courtyard is provided adjacent to championship court for food and drink vendors and guest services during large events. Remote restrooms are available near back courts.

More Information
For more information, contact Center Manager Hugh Casey at (334) 615-3790. For court updates, call (334) 615-5683.
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