Holiday Sanitation Schedule

About Holiday Sanitation Collection

Residential collection days for garbage (automated green carts), trash (leaves, limbs, junk, etc.), and recycling are often affected during the holidays. Please refer to the downloadable schedule to know when your sanitation collection days may be affected.

Stay Up-to-Date With the Interactive Calendar!

The "Holiday Schedule for Garbage, Trash, and Recycling" can be downloaded to any program or device that uses the iCal format. Sample programs that use the iCal format include: Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and most smartphone desktop applications. By downloading this calendar to your iCal program or device, you can schedule to receive reminders when the calendar item is approaching!

Note: If there is no holiday for a particular month, the "Holiday Schedule for Garbage, Trash, & Recycling" will not be visible in List, Weekly, or Monthly View.