Obtaining A Warrant

If you wish to pursue criminal charges with the City of Dothan, please first notify the police department and file a report. This not only begins the documentation trail, but it also helps us verify the offense occurred within Dothan's police jurisdiction.

To issue a warrant, affiants must have the following information. The magistrate will ask numerous questions in the establishment of probable cause. Your failure to answer truthfully will hamper the possibility of issuing a warrant.

Please make sure that you have the following information for the deposition hearing:

1. A form of identification.

2. Please make sure you have the case number which is issued by the police officer at the time the report is taken.

3. You must complete an Affidavit before talking to a magistrate.

4. Please have your witnesses present with proper identification.

5. Warrants CANNOT be issued on first names or without a VALID ADDRESS.

NOTE - The more information that you have on the defendant, the greater the chances are of getting a warrant issued after probable cause has been established by the hearing magistrate.

6. Just because you have a police report does not ensure that a warrant will be issued.
    Probable cause must be established by the hearing magistrate.

7. To obtain a warrant for criminal mischief, you must have an estimate of the damages for the purposes of restitution.

8. For unauthorized use of a vehicle, you must have documentation of ownership of the vehicle.