Environmental Services


The City of Dothan Landfill is currently closed as we move toward our proposed modification and expansion. If you have comments or concerns about this process, we'd love to hear from you at our Public Hearing.

Garbage & Trash Collection

The Environmental Services Division operates the city landfill and provides once-a-week automated garbage collection and once-a-week trash collection for all City of Dothan residents. The landfill facility operates from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Additionally, the Environmental Services Division provides mosquito spraying services within the City limits of Dothan from April 1st through October 1st, weather permitting.

              Helpful hints for waste collection:

Recycling Information

City residents are encouraged to help the city reduce the amount of solid waste entering the landfill by participating in our free recycling program. To request a recycling cart, please follow this link. Also, please remember to never, ever, put sharp objects (needles, broken glass, etc.) in with your recycling. 

If you are a Dothan resident and would like to bring your recyclables to us, please visit one of our designated drop off points and place your recyclables in the appropriate bins.

Questions about what goes in your recycle bin? Don't worry, we've got you.