Dothan Utilities

Call Before You DigCall Before You Dig

Before you begin any type of excavation or digging, please call 8-1-1 for the location of underground facilities.

Report a Street Light Problem

Please call (334) 615-3302. Be sure to give a property address and a call-back number to allow us to get correct and/or additional information about the street light such as:

  • Is the light out all the time?
  • Is the light cycling off and on?
  • Is the light burning all the time?
  • Any other helpful information

Report Power, Water, or Sewer Issues

Please call (334) 615-3302 to report issues concerning power, water, or wastewater or sewage issues. Please provide an address and callback number to help us pinpoint the issue.

Utilities Department

Dothan's Utilities Department is municipally owned and operated, offering services in southeastern Alabama. Our goal is to provide efficient, effective, and economical electrical redistribution, potable water, wastewater, and fire protection assistance for the citizens of Dothan. Our vision is to be the best electric, water, and wastewater utility in the Wiregrass area concerning rates, customer service, reliability, and community involvement.

This department is comprised of the staff and equipment responsible for day-to-day operations.

Our Goal

Our dedicated employees work around the clock to make sure more than adequate and reliable electricity remains available for instant use, wastewater services fully support our customer needs while ensuring environmental integrity, and a safe, high-quality, and ample supply of water is delivered with suitable pressure and with minimal interruptions. Call before you dig