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Architects and Contractors FOG Information

FOG Related Information for Architects and Contractors

All new gravity grease interceptors (GGIs) for new construction projects are required to meet the minimum sizing requirements as determined by the City’s FOG Program.  Minimum sizing requirements are based on food service establishment (FSE) classification. GGIs shall ONLY be purchased from a City of Dothan approved manufacturer and installed to the City’s installation requirements. Please contact the FOG Program Coordinator at 334-615-4458 for assistance.

 Grease Control Equipment Sizing

 The minimum acceptable size of grease control equipment for each newly constructed FSE Classification will be as follows:

(1) Class 1: 20-gpm/40 pound Grease Trap (Hydro-Mechanical Grease Interceptor or HGI)

(2) Class 2: 1,000-gallon Gravity Grease Interceptor (GGI)

(3) Class 3: 1,500-gallon Gravity Grease Interceptor (GGI)

(4) Class 4: 2,000-gallon Gravity Grease Interceptor (GGI)

(5) Class 5: 2,000-gallon Gravity Grease Interceptor (GGI) 

 The grease control equipment minimum acceptable size for the above listed FSE classifications (Class 1 through 5) shall be met.

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