10:00 A.M., May 16, 2017

Invocation: Pastor Adam Comeens – First Presbyterian Church

Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Dorsey

Roll Call: Schmitz__Dorsey__Newsome__Kirkland__Ferguson__Kenward__Crutchfield__

Approval of Previous Minutes:

• Minutes of Meeting of May 2, 2017.
Communications from Mayor and City Commissioners:

• Proclamation – “Police Week” – Police Chief Steve Parrish.

• Proclamation – “Emergency Medical Services Week” – Fire Chief Larry Williams, Captain Sean Gibson.
John T. Ingram EMT of the Year – Firefighter Preston Banister.
Paramedic of the Year – Firefighter Eddie Smith.

• Circle City BMX – Travis Roettgen.
Communications from City Manager:

• Service Award – Roy Kitts, Leisure Services Department, 25 years.
Communications from City Clerk:
• Application for a Retail Beer and Retail Table Wine License (off premise) for Fred’s Store #1410, 2146 South Oates Street, by Ronald Kay.

• Application for a Bail Bonding License by Rickey Stokes, d/b/a A-Advantage Bonding, LLC, located at 109 East Adams Street.
Public Hearing regarding the abatement and removal of noxious or dangerous weeds.
Ord. No._________Establishing the hours for which the polls will be open for voting in the Municipal Election to be held on August 1, 2017 and the Run-Off Election, if necessary, to be held on September 12, 2017.
Ord. No._________Entering into a Ground Lease Agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of the Wiregrass for lease of property at 402 Sonesta Street (Young Junior Park).
Ord. No._________Amending Chapter 2, Administration, Sec. 2-1, Depositories for City funds designated; treasurer required to deposit all City funds therein, of the City of Dothan Code of Ordinances by adding Ameris Bank, Dothan, Alabama as a depository.
Ord. No._________Amending Chapter 94, Taxation, Division 4, Sales and Use Tax Exemption, Sec. 82, Exempted from paying city sales and use tax of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Dothan (changing date for back-to-school purchases to period beginning at 12:01 a.m. on the third Friday in July of each year and ending at twelve midnight the following Sunday).
Res. No._________Declaring certain properties which are overgrown with weeds, scrub, wild bushes, grass and other vegetable growth as injurious to the health, safety and welfare of the community as nuisances and ordering that the properties be abated.
Res. No._________Declaring certain properties which are overgrown with weeds, scrub, wild bushes, grass and other vegetable growth as injurious to the health, safety and welfare of the community as nuisances and calling for a public hearing to be held on the matter during the regularly scheduled commission meeting on June 20, 2017.
Res. No._________Confirming the cost incurred in notification and abatement of certain properties determined to be in violation of Article III, Chapter 106 of the City of Dothan Code of Ordinance (repeat offenders) and turning the costs over to the County Tax Collector so that the amounts can be added to the next regular bills for taxes levied against the respective lots and parcels of land.
Res. No._________Consenting to the change of ownership between Southern Light, LLC (Franchisee) and Uniti Fiber Holdings, Inc.
Res. No._________Applying for and receiving a C-3 Grant for Transportation for America’s Creative Corridor Consortium.
Res. No._________Submitting the 2016 Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Annual Reports for the City’s three (3) wastewater treatment plants to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.
Res. No._________Awarding the bid, entering into a contract, and issuing a Notice to Proceed, and other related documents to Construction Labor Services, Inc. for Selective Weed Control for Sewer and Electric Utility Lines Maintenance-of-Way for the sum of $38,116.60.
Res. No._________Awarding the bid, entering into a contract and issuing a Notice to Proceed to L&K Contracting Co. for the Inez Road Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project in the amount of $1,669,600.00, and appropriating funds for said project.
Res. No._________Entering into a contract with Gosselin Design to provide architectural services for a fee of $18,100.00 for the renovation of the west wing for the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center, the replacement of the HVAC unit at Boys and Girls Club of the Wiregrass, the exterior renovation for the Boys and Girls Club of Hawk-Houston and the partial demolition and reconstruction of DuBois Institute/Aunt Katie’s Community Garden.
Res. No._________Agreeing to donate and transfer ownership of Dothan Police Canine Kazan (863) to William Kaufmann.
Res. No._________Approving payment of invoices for the month of April, 2017 in the amount of $15,373,260.17.
  1. Invoices.pdf
Res. No._________Awarding bids and approving purchases over $15,000.00 by the City.
Res. No._________Approving advance travel requests for City employees.
  1. Travel Requests.pdf
Approval/Denial of payment in the amount of $76,000.00 for Allied Fence vs. City of Dothan, Case No. CV 2007-474.
Acceptance of a temporary construction easement from Sharon Ann Watford Baxter for replacing sewer main and sewer lines on South Oates Street (Highway 231 South).
Acceptance of easements from Brian and Terri Eldridge and LBJ Investments, LLC, needed for the installation of water lines on East Selma Street.