10:00 A.M., February 21, 2017

Invocation: Reverend Juan Celzo – St. Columba Catholic Church

Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Crutchfield

Roll Call: Schmitz__Dorsey__Newsome__Kirkland__Ferguson__Kenward__Crutchfield__

Approval of Previous Minutes:
  • Minutes of Meeting of February 7, 2017.
Communications from Mayor and City Commissioners:

    • Proclamation – “Arbor Day” – Dan Williams, Horticulturist, City of Dothan.
Communications from City Manager:

• Veterans of Foreign Wars Award Presentation – John Seay, Commander VFW Post 3073, Mr. Ed Pritchard, former VFW State Commander.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year – Cpl. William Kaufman
EMT of the Year – Brady Reeder
Firefighter of the Year – Scott Forehand
Communications from City Clerk:

Ord. No._________Annexing certain property owned by Bryan M. Applefield, located at 4827 South Park Avenue into the City limits.
Ord. No._________Rezoning property owned by Maurice E. Sigmon, located at 219, 279, 317, and 333 Fortner Street from L-I (Light Industry) District to B-3 (Local Shopping) District.
Ord. No._________Rezoning property owned by Carolyn Thomas, located at 618 Taylor Road from A-C (Agricultural Conservation) District to R-A (High Density Apartments) District.
Ord. No._________Rezoning property owned by C.W.S. LLC, located on the north side of Fortner Street and adjacent to Laver Hills Estate from A-C (Agricultural Conservation) District to R-3 (High Density Single-Family Residential Attached) District.
Res. No._________Assessing properties for the cost of demolition of substandard structures and turning the amounts over to the county tax collector to be added to the next regular bills for taxes levied against the respective lots and/or parcels of land.
Res. No._________Approving a Final Contract Summary Change Order with Arrington Curb & Excavation, Inc., for the construction of the Campbellton Highway and Southgate Road Roundabout, which results in a cost increase in the amount of $38,616.22 making the final adjusted contract price $405,254.92.
Res. No._________Approving a Final Change Order with L & K Construction Company, Inc. to deduct $3,516.00 from the original contract amount, resulting in a final contract price of $127,950.00, and a final completion date of February 28, 2017.
Res. No._________Entering into a supplemental agreement with CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc. for professional engineering services for ROW Acquisitions for the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) Bridge Replacement on Brookside Drive in the amount of $20,629.00, and appropriating funds for said services.
Res. No._________Entering into a contract with Marty Robbins Roofing Co., Inc. for the partial roof replacement at the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center in the negotiated amount of $43,633.00, with $40,000.00 to be paid out of CDBG funds and $3,633.00 to be paid from the General Services budget.
Res. No._________Submitting a Cooperative Agreement to join the statewide recycling effort to educate and inform citizens of the benefits of recycling.
Res. No._________Entering into a permit agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation to lower approximately 70 linear feet, plus necessary bends, of 8” ductile iron water main along U.S. Highway 231 South (beginning at Milepost No. 12.55 and ending at Milepost No. 12.57).
Res. No._________Entering into an agreement with APD Urban Planning and Management to prepare a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Study at a cost of $107,465.00, of which $50,000.00 will be provided by the Dothan Housing Authority, and appropriating funds for said Study.
Res. No._________Entering into a contract with Global Rental Company, Inc. for rental of utility trucks, at no cost to the City.
Res. No._________Accepting a Grant Award in the amount of $2,500.00 from the Dothan Elks Lodge to purchase eleven picnic tables and one recycled plastic bench to be placed at the Forever Wild trail heads, and appropriating funds for said grant award.
Res. No._________Entering into an agreement with Angelia Turner to provide event planning services for the “2017 Hardee’s Pro Classic”, a USTA Tennis Tournament to be held April 15-23, 2017 in the amount of $5,000.00.
Res. No._________Entering into an agreement with Dick’s Sporting Goods for the sponsorship of Dothan Leisure Services Youth Baseball/Softball for 2017.
Res. No._________Declaring certain personal property as obsolete and no longer needed for public or municipal purposes and authorizing the disposal of said property by whatever means is determined to be in the best interest of the City.
Res. No._________Authorizing the Dothan Police Department to conduct a Traffic Homicide Investigation Training Course to be held at the Troy University-Dothan Campus held on June 5-16, 2017 and charge a registration fee of $150.00 for each attendee.
Res. No._________Approving payment of invoices for the month of January, 2017 in the amount of $14,192,167.90.
  1. Invoices.pdf
Res. No._________Awarding bids and approving purchases over $15,000.00 by the City.
Res. No._________Approving advance travel requests for City employees.
  1. Travel Requests.pdf