Denton Road Widening Project

Project Description 

This project will widen Denton Road from two lanes to five lanes and will tie to the previously widened bridge project on both ends. The entire section of Denton Road from the Ross Clark Circle intersection to Westgate Parkway will then be a 5-lane roadway. The project will require utility re-location in order to widen the roadway. New sidewalks will be installed along both sides of Denton Road. Intersection and signal improvements will take place at the intersections of Ross Clark Circle and Murray Road.

This project is being funded by a combination of Federal MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organizations) and the City of Dothan funds. The Alabama Department of Transportation administers the Federal MPO funds available for this project. The total estimated project cost is $7,548,068.45. Federal MPO funds account for $4,987,829.00 of this project, and the City of Dothan is funding an estimated amount of $2,560,239.45. 


Project Timeline

Work began on this project on Jun 15, 2020. The contract time is 250 working days with 84% time elapsed and about 80% contract completion. Project completion date is anticipated end of December 2021/early 2022.

Update (11/10/2021)

Utility and storm drain relocations or installation is basically complete with some minor items still being under construction. Asphalt paving on the east side of the project is ongoing where widening and base work have occurred. Work in the Ross Clark Circle intersection has begun and will continue for several weeks.  Traffic has been shifted on the south end of the project to the east side and base work has begun on the west side.  Residents should use caution when travelling through this area as many workers are present and there may be periodic pauses in the flow of traffic.  

Project Details 

Type: Street Improvement

Budget: +/- 7.6 Million 

Project Owner: The City of Dothan 

Contractor: Wiregrass Construction Company, Inc. 

City of Dothan Project Contact: Ernie Stokes - 334-615-4402 or Bart Barefoot- 334-615-4402