Highway 84 East Corridor

Alternative Designs Open House

Highway 84 is a key transportation corridor impacting all segments of Dothan. The Corridor bisects the City, serving to accommodate east-west travel across the metropolitan area. The historic Downtown Commercial District, the campus of Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) and the Campus of the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) are anchor institutions and established activity centers that will serve as key drivers in the development of a comprehensive corridor plan.

View the Project Overview (PDF)


WORKSHOP 1- VALUES (January 16, 2018) (PDF)

WORKSHOP 2- VISIONS (February 27, 2018) (PDF) 

The focus of the meeting is to solicit opinions regarding the vision for the study area. (Last meeting was focused on values). We will utilize keypad voting and table group discussions. It will be similar to the last meeting with greater emphasis on the physical character of the study area.

WORKSHOP 3- Roadway Sections (May 22, 2018) (PDF)

WORKSHOP 3 - Land Use (PDF)

WORKSHOP 4- (Date To Be Announced) COMMENTS and INPUT