Dothan Housing Authority

NameAppointing AuthorityOriginal Appointment Date
Current Term Beginning Date
Expiration Date
David JamisonMayor02/01/200802/01/201801/31/2023
Jocelyn Gutzmore
Jeff WilliamsMayor06/06/201702/01/202001/31/2025
Lisa KellyMayor02/07/201202/01/201901/31/2024
Susan MorrisonMayor02/01/201702/01/201701/31/2022
Lily Estrada
Michael JacksonMayor04/18/201804/18/201806/30/2021

Authorized by City Resolution Number 408, January 30, 1940. Act Number 2018-557, approved 4/6/2018, amended Code of Alabama Section 24-1-24 to provide for seven members.  Appointments should expire on January 31st or June 30th of each year with five (5) year staggered terms. 

Mrs. C. W. Johnson resigned 09/18/1973 but was given a lifetime honorary membership. 

Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month.